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There are two unique certificate opportunities for this field!

Learn the required skills and receive state-of-the art information necessary to develop a solid foundation in the original “Green Industry”. The Sustainable Landscape Design Program encourages professional standards, a strong work ethic, and sound management practices.

Basic Landscape Design Certificate (six courses)

• LAND-8004A Landscape Design Principles
• LAND-8005A Landscape Design Graphics
• LAND-8006B Residential Landscape Planting Design
• LAND-8008A Site Analysis and Evaluation
• LAND-8018 Sustainable Landscaping
• LAND-8009A Design and Sales Process
• LAND-8001A Dynascape (optional training-not part of Cert Program)

Environmental Horticulture Certificate (six courses)
Please take the courses in the order outlined below.
• LAND-8020A Basic Horticulture /How Plants Grow
• LAND-8025A Plant Health Care
• LAND-8024 Pruning Workshop
• LAND-8021 Plant ID & Use 1-Trees
• LAND-8022A Plant ID & Use 2-Shurbs
• LAND-8023 Plant ID & Use 3-Perennials
• LAND-8027 Rain Garden Workshop (optional-not part of the Cert program)

Students should try to register at least 5 days before the class start date. Early registration is encouraged.

Classes run sequentially each semester and cross over semesters for certificate completion. Not all classes are offered every semester.

For information, contact the staff at 586-498-4100 or email us at

Please click on the course title to see the full course description.

If you have questions, please provide us with the course title and number when e-mailing or calling.