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Company Billing & Financial Assistance

Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) is not available for Workforce & Continuing Education classes.

The college will bill class costs to approved parties such as Michigan Works or employer tuition assistance programs. 
The company must complete an Company Billing Account Request form. Once the account is established, students can submit a registration request to their company by selecting "Request Company to Pay" at checkout. Note: Registration is not complete until approved by the company. Approval must be received before registration ends or the student will be unable to attend the class. If seats are available at the time of approval, the student is registered and the company can pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or choose to be invoiced later for charges to be paid by EFT. To drop a class during the refund period, the company or student must email, the student name, student ID, date of birth and class(es) to be dropped.


Payment & Refund Policy

Payment or authorization for third party billing is required at the time of registration.

Workforce & Continuing Education Classes
100% refund will be issued if class is cancelled by the College or if the student drops prior to the class start date.  No refund will be issued if student drops on or after the class start date. Refunds for payments made with a credit/debit card are issued at the time of drop or cancellation. Other refunds are issued weekly by mailed check.

Motorcycle Safety Classes
100% refund will only be issued if class is cancelled by the College. Refunds are not issued for any other reason and there is no ability to transfer tuition payment to another class date and time after registering. 

Special Circumstances
Students who must withdraw from a class on or after the class start date due to hospitalization, accidental injury, prolonged illness, mandatory shift change at student’s place of full-time employment (does not include mandatory overtime), mandatory move of employment which necessitates a change of residency (does not include new employer), military deployment, or other reason deemed appropriate by the department dean or director, may receive a 100% refund. Requests for special circumstances must be made in writing with supporting documentation to the program coordinator.
Company Billing: E-mail written authorization or purchase order at the time of registration to: The organization agrees to pay charges regardless of grades, course completion, or employment status. The college reserves the right to refuse accounts. If the organization refuses to pay, the student will be held responsible.

Release of Records: The student grants the College permission to release records necessary to facilitate payment or required by organizations involved with the training program. The student or organization may be contacted via any phone number (including wireless numbers which could result in charges), e-mail address, or physical address provided in order to service our account or collect any amount owed.

Delinquent Accounts: Account balances, dishonored checks, unreturned materials, etc. must be paid in full by the due date. Failure to pay will result in a "HOLD" on all records and future registrations. Delinquent accounts are turned over to a collection agency and will be assessed a 25% delinquent account fee and reported to credit bureaus. Any type of refund may be applied as payment to reduce or pay off the debt.