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Administrative Assistant Professional (ADMP2024.CP) Information

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Skilled and professional administrative assistants are invaluable members of an organization. Learn how to gain a business edge with an online efficient office, improved communication skills, and stellar customer service. Also, this program is designed to provide students with essential computer skills that are expected in today’s job market.  

Earn the Administrative Assistant Professional Certificate by completing the following required courses: BSNS-8005, BSNS-8006, BSNS-8007A, BSNS-8008A, CSFT-8080, and CSFT-8082B.

Certificate of Completion Details

Classes offered: 6

Classes required for completion: 6

Mandatory Classes: 6

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate of Completion.

A passing level of attendance is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate of Completion.

Classes in this Certificate of Completion may be taken in any order.

Price:  $1,038.00


Courses Available for this Certificate of Completion

Discover the types of communication used in business today and the reasons for miscommunication. Through hands-on interactive sessions learn how to write target ......(more)
Become a superior customer service representative. Examine customer interaction and the traits of top organizations. Explore ways to add value to every transact ......(more)
Basic computer skills, keyboarding skills, and textbook are required. Recommended that student has access to a PC with Office 365 installed. Learn introductory ......(more)
Basic computer skills and keyboarding skills are required. Learn introductory and intermediate Word skills including business letter writing; proofreading tools ......(more)
Learn to be efficient and effective in the workplace. Includes time management, paper and electronic record keeping, timely follow-through, and maintenance of a ......(more)
Discover the nine critical skills needed to become a successful administrative assistant. Explore workplace teams and effective team behavior. Understand the c ......(more)