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Laboratory Assistant (LABASST2024.CP) Information

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Do you love science? Laboratory Assistants are taught the beginning knowledge and skills used to assist medical laboratory professionals in clinical laboratories found in hospitals, out-patient clinics, and processing centers. Internship includes specimen processing in the lab. Upon successful completion of HLTH-8010A, HLTH-8106, and HLTH-8107, students will be awarded a Workforce and Continuing Education certificate. Prior to internship placement, students must pass a criminal background check, drug screen, TB test and immunization titers, provide Basic Life Support Certification documentation, and purchase a uniform at their own expense.

Certificate of Completion Details

This Certificate of Completion has required prerequisites

Classes offered: 3

Classes required for completion: 3

Mandatory Classes: 3

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate of Completion.

Classes in this Certificate of Completion may be taken in any order.

Price:  $1,273.00


Courses Available for this Certificate of Completion

Learn about proper specimen collection, cataloging, and preparation needed for specimen analysis. Understand how to process clinical specimens for distribution ......(more)
Participate in an 80-hour unpaid internship in a clinical laboratory.
Develop a medical vocabulary through a word building system of prefixes, suffixes, root words, and combining forms. Build, identify, and understand appropriate ......(more)